Memebox – Oriental Medicine – Review

I was very happy when I had yet another Memebox arrive this week.  So, it’s time to review it!

A quick recap if you haven’t read my other reviews and are unfamiliar with how Memebox works. Memebox is a beauty box that comes from Korea. It is full of Korean beauty products. What makes Memebox great is that it is not a subscription. You can buy as few or as many Memeboxes as you like, when you want them.

There are several types to choose from including Global boxes, Special Boxes, Superboxes, Lucky Boxes, and even Mini Boxes. Each box comes with 4-8 full size or deluxe sample products, aside from Superboxes which are always full size products. Prices range from about $23-$40 with $6.99 shipping on each box. However, you can purchase value bundles which then only charge 1 shipping charge.

This review is for the Oriental Medicine Box.  This box intrigued me because I know that different Oriental Medicinal products are said to have many benefits.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pretty certain that I wouldn’t be disappointed.  Well, I was right!

The description on the card says: A favourite beauty regimen among Queens in ancient Korea, oriental medicines were used to revitalize and balance exhausted skin, giving them a beautiful and enchanting glow.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

So let’s get to the review….



Item # 1 – D’RAN Wonder Serum – $30



I love serums, and I especially love getting serums in my boxes because they are usually expensive, and I get to try new ones that I’ve never seen before.  This serum states that it is made with 20 different Korean medicinal herbs such as ginseng, black hoof mushrooms, licorice, portulaca, and ganoderma.  It is supposed to deliver abundant nutrients and moisture deep into your skin to erase years off your face and give you a revitalized, glowing complexion.

This serum has a nice feel.  Very light, non-sticky and absorbs well.  It is mildly scented, a bit medicinal like, but nothing offensive.  I think I am going to enjoy using this.


Item #2 – Purederm Korean Herb Mask – 2 @ $2 each



Sheet masks are always a nice treat.  I like to lay in the bath with the lights out and some nice music and just relax.  In this box we got 2 of them.  I got “Yoon-an” Hydrating Mask, and “Soo-an” Moisturizing Mask.  Perfect for me as my skin tends to lean to the drier side.  I used the “Yoon-an” mask last night and it felt great.  Slightly floral scent, nice and cooling.  It left my skin feeling refreshed and I still notice today that my face is definitely not as dry as it normally is.  Can’t wait for a nice relaxing night to use the second one.


Item #3 – Donginbi – Donginbidam Red Ginseng Aqua Oil & Red Ginseng Aqua Pack Essence – $27



I was quite excited when I saw this product.  The card says that Donginbi is a super premium brand only found in Korean beauty department stores.  And WOW!  It must be super premium because the value of these 2, 5ml samples totals $27!  This is an oil and a moisturizing cream.  It contains red ginseng extracts that are said to have a powerful medicinal formula that effectively soothe and lock in moisture, ultimately making your skin silkier and smoother.  You apply 3-4 drops of the oil to a clean face, and follow with 3-4 drops of the aqua pack essence.  I used this product last night as well and was really impressed.  The oil isn’t “oily” it absorbs nicely and was very lightly scented.  The aqua pack essence is a light formula moisture cream, non-greasy and quick to absorb.  Even though these samples are only 5ml each, because you only need a few drops I think they will last a long time.

Item #4 – Hanhui CC Cream – $30



Another product that I was very excited to see in my box.  I have heard great things about the Korean CC creams and am happy that I get to try it.  This cream is infused with Red ginseng, cactus extracts and galactomyces fermented extracts to make your skin silky smooth and shine with natural glow from within.  It is supposed to even out and cover up visible pores and fine lines.  This CC cream is almost white in colour, yet once you blend it becomes translucent.  I have not used it on my face yet, so can not comment on the reduction in pores and lines, but I am excited to give it a try.


Item #5 – Shib Jang Ceng – Chun Ji Heang Hand Cream – $17



One thing I have absolutely loved about all the Korean products is the packaging.  This hand cream is packaged beautifully.  This particular hand cream is said to be made from 110 year old wild ginseng extracts, shea butter, and olive oil.  It is extremely rich in nutrients and delivers deep revitalization to your dry, easily-roughened hands.

I really love this cream.  It absorbs really quickly without any effort and I love that it doesn’t smell like a typical hand cream, in fact what I love is that it has very little scent at all!  My only issue is that I don’t know where I want to keep this; at home, at the office, in the car……decisions, decisions.


In total this box contained 5 items (7 actually if you count that the aqua pack/oil are actually 2 items and we received 2 masks).  I paid only $23 for this box and got an incredible $108 value.  And better yet, this box did not contain a single time that I will not use and enjoy.  I think this is right up there to be my favourite box yet.

If you are interested in trying memebox, please use my link to the right, currently there is a special where you will save $5 on purchases of $100 or more (and that will get you 3-4 boxes!).

I hope you enjoyed this review.  I welcome your comments.  What did you think of this box?

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Smashbox -Try it Kit, Best Sellers – Review

I have been wanting to give Smashbox products a try for a while now, but I wasn’t sure what products to start with.  I really love my Benefit Porefessional and I didn’t want to buy a full size of the Smashbox Photo Finish until I was sure it would compare.  I have yet to receive any Smashbox items in any beauty box subscription, so that was sort of limiting my exposure to try them.

I’ve noticed this Smashbox – Try it Kit a few times when I’ve been at the drugstore, and this past weekend I finally decided to pick it up.  I’m on my last teeny bit of Porefessional, so now was the perfect time to give something else a try.

This kit was $22 and it comes with deluxe sample sized of 5 of Smashbox’s best seller; Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Photo Finish Lid Primer, Limitless Eye Liner, Lip Enhancing Gloss, and the Full Exposure Mascara.

Now on to the review.



Item # 1 – Photo Finish Foundation Primer



This product was the main reason I purchased this kit.  I don’t have extremely large pores, but I do have a couple of small scares on my nose and forehead (from when I fell on a stone mantel when I was a toddler).  I also have a few pores right around my nose.  Benefit Porefessional has been my go-to as it makes all of those imperfections seem to disappear.  I have also tried Loreal Miracle Blur, which really does not make a big difference in the smoothness of my skin.  I have been using this Photo Finish primer for the past couple days and I really like it.  You only need a little bit and the pores and scars seem to vanish right before your eyes.  It is non-greasy and light weight.  I need to use it some more to see if I like it more than Benefit Porefessional, but so far it is a very close contender.


Item #2 – Photo Finish Lid Primer



This Lid Primer comes in a tube and has a doe foot applicator.  It is a neutral tone and is light and creamy.  You don’t need very much of this to cover your lids.  It is light weight, non-greasy and isn’t sticky.  It is also more of a matte tone.  I have used a few lid primers, Rimmel (which I do not like at all), Urban Decay Primer Potion (which I do like, but can’t purchase anywhere near me), and Elf.  This primer definitely makes the shadow colours pop a bit more and after an entire day my shadow stays in place, and isn’t creased.  This is something I will likely be repurchasing when I’m finished the sample.


Item #3 – Lip Enhancing Gloss

lip gloss

This product is OK.  The gloss itself is non-sticky, which is hard to find in a gloss, but there is almost no colour payoff.  This gloss is very shear and very light.  Maybe it will be better over a darker lipstick to add a bit of shine.  I really like the formula, so I may consider purchasing in a different shade, but this shade is not for me.  Hopefully I will find a way to make the sample work for me so it doesn’t go to waste.


Item #4 – Full Exposure Mascara


I am a mascara junkie.  It is the one make up item that I never go without, and as a result, I have tried many.  This is my first time trying the Smashbox Mascara and I’m pretty impressed.  It has a large wand, which at first looked kind of like it would be too big, but it does a great job.  I have a few lashes that always seem to want to stick together and I have to work at to pry apart, but this wand did a fabulous job of separating my lashes.  It isn’t a really dark mascara, but you can build it, but with just 1 or two coats it actually lends itself to the perfect daytime look.  This is another item that I will definitely repurchase.


Item #5 – Limitless Eye Liner


As much as I am a Mascara junkie, I am not an eye liner girl.  It is very rare that I wear eye liner, maybe for a special night out, but that is about it.  This eye liner is creamy, applies smoothly and has incredible staying power.  I swatched it on my hand and it was still there, and perfect, hours later.  I’m going to keep this in my stash for those times when I feel the need to add the extra pop to my eyes, but it is not something I will repurchase.  However, as an eye liner to have in the make up bag for special occasions, this is a good one.


Overall I am highly impressed with the item contained in this Try It Kit.  It has given me a pretty good feel for the quality I can expect from the brand.  At $22 I got 5 deluxe samples, and 3 of those will be items that I will most likely be repurchasing.  The other 2 items are good quality items, they just aren’t quite right for me.

I wish more companies would offer kits like this to try.  I’m often wary of buying full size items (some of which are $20 or more) in case they don’t work for me.  Kits like this give us an opportunity to try multiple products.  And it’s always fun trying new stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

I have several more Memeboxes on the way, and I plan to do some other product reviews soon too.  Let me know if there is anything particular you would like to see.

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Memebox- Hair & Body 2 Edition

Time for another Memebox review.

A quick recap if you haven’t read my other review and are unfamiliar with how Memebox works. Memebox is a beauty box that comes from Korea. It is full of Korean beauty products. What makes Memebox great is that it is not a subscription. You can buy as few or as many Memeboxes as you like, when you want them.

There are several types to choose from including Global boxes, Special Boxes, Superboxes, Lucky Boxes, and even Mini Boxes. Each box comes with 4-8 full size or deluxe sample products, aside from Superboxes which are always full size products. Prices range from about $23-$40 with $6.99 shipping on each box. However, you can purchase value bundles which then only charge 1 shipping charge.

This review is for the Special Edition – Hair & Body 2.  This is the second edition of the Hair & Body box.  I did not order the first one, but after reading and watching reviews I knew I had to order the second edition.  I was not disappointed, this box contains a great assortment of products to pamper yourself with.

Now on to the review.

hair box


Item #1 – Kocostar Foot Therapy – $9



This is sort of like a mask for your feet.  It says it looks like a pair of translucent socks that you wear for about 1.5 hours then wash off gently with soap.  Then dead skin will start to fall away and peel off for the next 3-4 days.  OK – so I’m guessing you will not want to wear bare feet and sandals for the first few days after using this.  But with summer now here, it would be nice to have pretty, smooth feet.  So I’ll give this a go.  Since I’m home today with a nasty summer cold, maybe I’ll do it today and put my feet up.  Stay tuned for a review once I’m done.


Item #2 – Label Young Shocking Holijjuki – $21



This is a one-step body slimming cream that is supposed to remove any unnecessary residues piled up deep within your skin for a sleeker, more even textured body line.  Well, I’m certainly willing to give this a shot!  It says to apply to areas of your body in need of some slimming.  Well….ok, so 1 tube isn’t going to cut it!  I did give this a try the other night.  It smells sort of citrusy and a bit like green tea. (it says it contains green tea extracts and algae extracts).  It goes on smooth and non-greasy and absorbs well.  Once it’s been on for a few minutes it starts to warm up, sort of like a muscle cream such as A5-35 or Icy-Hot.  I only have used it once, so no difference noticed, but I’m not going to give up on this.


Item #3 – Hello Everybody – Spa Vita Berry Shampoo & Treatment – sample size



This smells sooooo good!  I could smell it as soon as I opened the box.  It is a hair treatment to revitalize and bring back the shine and luster in your hair.  It says it contains 10 kinds of berry extracts.  The directions are like any shampoo and conditioner, apply and rinse out.  They are a perfect travel size sample and since we are going away for the weekend in a couple of weeks I think I’ll save them to use then.  Full size is 220ml @ $38.  These samples are 30ml so the value would be about $5.


Item #4 – Vidanail L.vida Lavender Oil – $10



Another product that smells as pretty as it looks.  This is basically a cuticle oil.  It is infused with real lavender pieces.  Directions are to apply the oil over dry or damaged nails whenever needed.  I have been in need of a good nail/cuticle oil so this is perfect.  I love the fragrance and the packaging is adorable too.


Item #5 – Evas Cosmetics – Body Net 7 Day Project – $6

body wash


This is one of seven options you could have received.  This body wash is “Sunday” which is part of a 7 day – daily theme.  Sunday is “relax – Calming shower.” It is slightly floral scented, but not over powering.  I will enjoy using this.


Item #6 – Boutique Bebe – Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence – $31



This is a serum for your hair.  It says it will offer real hair salon treatment in your home.  It is an argan oil essence to instantly deliver nutrition and hydration to deep within, bringing back a healthy glow and luster to your now dry, crumbly hair.  OK – I have never really had an issue with dry, crumbly hair (thank goodness),  and I recently just cut my hair quite short.  However, I do enjoy having soft, shiny hair and I’m sure as my hair grows out again I will enjoy using this.  It is slightly scented, almost like green tea, and it seems to absorb nicely and does not leave a greasy, sticky feeling.


There were 6 items in Memebox Hair and Body 2 for a total value of $82.  I paid $23 for this box and since I purchased it with the Office Essentials Box I was upgraded to Express shipping with a total shipping cost of $6.99.  I think the value was well worth it.  I love everything in this box and will use them all.

Hair and Body 2 is now sold out, however if you enjoyed this box then perhaps you will enjoy Hair & Body 3, which is now out. Use my affiliate link, here, to save $5 when you purchase $100 or more.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  Thanks for stopping by!


Memebox – Office Essentials Edition – Review

Time for another Memebox review.

A quick recap if you haven’t read my other review and are unfamiliar with how Memebox works.  Memebox is a beauty box that comes from Korea. It is full of Korean beauty products.  What makes Memebox great is that it is not a subscription.  You can buy as few or as many Memeboxes as you like, when you want them.

There are several types to choose from including Global boxes, Special Boxes, Superboxes, Lucky Boxes, and even Mini Boxes.  Each box comes with 4-8 full size or deluxe sample products, aside from Superboxes which are always full size products.  Prices range from about $23-$40 with $6.99 shipping on each box.  However, you can purchase value bundles which then only charge 1 shipping charge.

This review is for the Special Edition – Office Essentials.  It claimed that it would contain items useful to keep at the office so you were prepared for any occasion and special emergencies.

When I purchased this box there was a spoiler that indicated the box would contain a Hydrating Facial Mist by Secret Key.  However, when they shipped that box the product was removed and replaced with something else.  However, as so many people were disappointed by this substitution, Memebox gave everyone 10 Memepoints, which is equivalent to $10.  So in my mind, they went above and beyond to rectify the issue.

Now on to the review.



Item #1 – Hope Girl 140 Super Lash Mascara – $22



I am excited to try this.  The description totes this as a mascara that will give you the lengthiest lashes you’ve ever had.  It also says it will not smudge, clump, or dry out.  Nice!  I am a girl who always wears mascara, it’s the one makeup item I don’t go without.  However, I already have several on the go and several in my stash so I have not opened this one yet.  But I will do a review once I get a chance to try it.


Item # 2 – Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lipgloss – $17



I always like trying a new lipgloss and keep several in my purse.  This one is infused with Propolis, honey and jojoba seed oil.  It looks clear when you squeeze it out, but it actually does have the tiniest pink hue to it.  It feels nice, is non sticky and seems to hydrate well, however it has a very strong smell.  It is very flowery and not the type of scent I would normally wear on my lips.  I will keep it in my purse for emergencies, but just due to the scent this one will not be the first one I reach for.


Item #3 – Pure Smile Refresh Tissue in Citrus Punch – $3 each



I was excited when I saw these because the packages are so cute and full of fruit that I thought we were going to get to eat some yummy Korean gummies, but these are actually refreshing tissues.  They are much like any other refreshing wipe, slightly damp and meant to be used to freshen up after the gym, or if you need to refresh on a hot day.  They have a fruity/citrusy scent that isn’t too strong, and come in a resealable plastic pouch.  Perfect size for the purse.


Item #4 – Label Young Shocking Toner – $28



This product confuses me.  This says it’s a toner, lotion, and essence all-in-one.  It is very liquidy and it is in a jar.  I’m not really sure how this product fits into the office essentials theme.  It says it will re-hydrate your skin from deep within and help maintain the moisture balance of your skin.  It does seem very hydrating, it also is cooling and it absorbs very quickly.  It is non-sticky and non-greasy.  However, it sort of smells like grape which is not a scent I would usually put on my face.  But I’m willing to give it a shot.

Item #5 – RiveCowe Sebum Control Convenient Compact – $14



This is a cute little powder compact.  It says it’s specially designed to mattify oily skin and control oil slicks throughout the day.  It says it can have results that last up to 8 hours.  It is a nice translucent powder. It feels really nice, and is not caky when you apply it.  It has a really nice, light scent.  The box says it is Special Herb #8 and contains Lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, borage, sage, jasmine, & camomile.  I will be using this for sure.


Item #6 – Lovey Dovey Perfume Fabric Mist – $5



This is the product that they gave us to replace the Secret Key facial mist that we were supposed to get.  It is also the only product in the box that I do not like.  I think this product could have been ok, but this one is the Joyeux Noel scent and it is so strong.  I could smell this as soon as I opened my Memebox.  To me it just smells like really bad car air freshener.  Even though this is a product I won’t be using, I am still happy with the 10 Meme points we received in lieu of the Secret Key mist.  In fact, I have already spent them.


Item # 7 – Maxim Maxim Mocha Gold – $2?



I never expected to get coffee in a Memebox, but that is what this is.  2 servings of instant coffee.  It says it is richly brewed and sweet to taste.  I am a coffee drinker, though I do not usually enjoy instant coffee.  However, I am certainly willing to give this a try.  It says that 420ml is valued at $21 and these are 12g each, so I’m estimating the value at about $2.


Overall, I am very pleased with this box.  The box price was $23 and I purchased it with the Hair & Body 2 box, so I was upgraded to express shipping.  The value of this box is $94, so even though I won’t be using the fabric mist I think this box had excellent value for the price.

If you’d like to give Memebox a try, please click on the link to the right.  You will be directed to the Memebox website where my affiliate code will give you special discounts on select boxes.

Hope you enjoyed this review.  My next review will be on the Hair & Body 2 box, and I think you will love it.

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(sorry about the photo quality today, the lighting in my house was especially poor on the day I took the photos and they seemed to get even worse on upload)


June Beauty Box 5 – Review

This is a review for the June edition of Beauty Box 5.

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription.  It costs $12 per month with shipping included for Canada and the United States. You can also choose to be billed quarterly for $30 (working out to $10 per month), or annually for $96 (working out to $8 per month).

Beauty Box 5 contains 5 items ranging in size from samples, to deluxe samples and sometimes full size products.  It ships out on the 8th of every month.

I find the shipping on this box to be really fast.  I’m in Canada and I usually have my box by about the 18th of the month.



Item # 1 – Nicka K New York – Nail Colour

polish 3


I have received this polish before in a different colour in another beauty subscription.  I quite like the formula, it dries quickly and was opaque in 2 coats.  I seem to remember getting about 5 days wear out of it.  I do not usually wear red polish and was hoping for the lavender one instead, but I’m not totally unhappy with this product.   Value $4.99


Item #2 – Organix – Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner


Just a foil packet of shampoo and conditioner.  I’ve received bigger samples than this in magazines.  I’ll probably use it, but there is too little product to really get a feel if you like it or not.  This retails for $7.99 for 13 ounces.  Value of this sample?  pennies


Item #3 – Glam Natural – Mascara


Mascara is the one product I always wear.  So I am excited to try this one out.  It is paraben-free and vegan.  Alway nice to try out a natural product.  I haven’t opened it yet, however as I already have several mascaras on-the-go and several in my stash.  This is a nice little travel size, though.  Retail $28.00 for 0.25 ounces.  I would say this is likely 1/3 of regular size, so value about $9.00.


Item # 4 – Eslor – introductory Collection Calming Kit



More foil packets.  I don’t really know what else to say.  In this package there are 4 foil packets, 1 each of 4 different products.  It is an entire system; refining cleanser, scrub, mask, and Cream.  But the packets are so small that they will be 1 use items and that just isn’t enough to see if a system works well for you or not.  The entire line full size retails for $159, but again, I don’t put much value on foil packets.  You can get them at nearly any beauty counter, magazines, or even request them from the company a lot of the time.  Value, $2?


Item #5 – Vita Bath – Body Wash (Wild Red Cherry)

body wash


This is a little travel-size sample of body wash.  It smells O-so-Good!  Very cherry scented, sort of reminds me of cherry jolly ranchers.  I will use this product for sure, I always love using delicious smelling body wash and I have never tried this brand before.  Retail $7.95 for 12 fl oz.  This sample is 2 fl oz, Value $1.33


So that’s it for this edition of BB5.  I have to say, I’m not all that impressed.  I’m in Canada, so with exchange rates I paid close to $14 for this box, I can’t count foil packets as having any value, so the value of this box was $15,32, and I’ll be lucky if I use the polish even once.  So not great at all.

I will continue with BB5 a while longer as I have been happy with it in the past, just like all subscription boxes, you do get a dud once in a while.

Hope you enjoyed this review.  Sorry about the photos.  My camera battery was charging so I used my phone, not something I usually would do, but honestly, this box just didn’t deserve the effort.

If you would like to subscribe to BB5 I sure would appreciate you using my referral link.


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Memebox – Superbox #19 – Honey Review

I have recently been introduced to a new beauty box called Memebox.  Memebox is a beauty box that comes out of Korea and is filled with Korean beauty products.  You pick the box you want as you want them, there is no subscription & no requirement on how many you buy.

There are several types of boxes to choose from and they seem to range in price from $15-$39.  Memebox Global, Superbox, and Lucky Box.  There are also Mini boxes.

For my first box I decided to try the Superbox Honey edition.  It was described as carrying a variety of products, all of which would contain honey.  According to the description for the box, “Honey has been praised and used since pre-Ancient Egyptian times for not only treating infections and wounds but also soothing and nourishing the skin. Today the effectiveness of honey as a healing remedy is being rediscovered as studies prove honey stimulates fast regeneration of skin cells.”

I decided I had to try it out.  It came loaded with 6 full size products in a pretty pink box.

photo 1


photo 2


As you can see, the box is quite large and every thing is packaged very nicely.  It also comes with a card that describes all of the products and how to use them, as most of the writing on the packages is in Korean.


Item #1 – Skin Factory, Real Honey Ampoule Mask Pack.  (Value $2)

photo 3

This is a one-time use sheet mask.  The description on the card says that honey is rich in natural sugars that help create a moisture-preserving veil over the face.  The mask is supposed to deliver hours of nourishment to the skin.  It is your typical sheet mask in that you take it out of the package, apply to the face and relax for 10 minutes.  It also says do not rinse.  I was a bit skeptical of not rinsing, but I did as I was told.

This mask did just as it promised.  My skin felt really moisturized.  It was a bit weird to not rinse, as my face felt a bit sticky, but I just went with it.  I did this mask just before bed last night.  This morning my skin was super soft, and felt very moisturized.  It is now mid day and my skin is still soft and glowing.


Item #2 – YuYu Healthcare – Honey Balm Glow (Value $11)

photo 4


This is a balm that is described as a cheek and lip balm.  It says it will bring a rosy flush to the cheeks and lips, or it can be used as a moisturizer for chapped skin and lips.  I’m not sure how it would give a rosy glow as there is no colour to this balm at all, in fact it almost looks like there is nothing in the pot, but it is very moisturizing.  You just apply with your finger.  It has a nice honey fragrance and isn’t too sticky.  I can definitely see myself using this.


Item #3 – Secret Key – Honey Bees Spot Remover (Value $41)

photo 9


This spot remover is described to penetrate deep into the skin to visibly improve the appearance of skin discolouration associated with age spots, acne scarring and spot damage to give the look of a clear complexion. It contains purified bee venom, propolis and tea tree oil.  It says to apply to troubled areas twice per day, on hands, body or face.

I’m fairly lucky as I do not have spot troubles on my face, so I may not get much use from this.  I do have a couple of scars on my arm from blisters that were caused by splashing hot oil in the kitchen, so maybe I’ll try it there.


Item #4 – Beauty Recipe – Propolis Magic Ampoule (Value $43)

photo 8


This is amazing stuff!  This is basically as serum and it is enriched with Galactomyces, Spirolina, Acai Berry, Rose Hips and other irritant free natural ingredients.  It says it will give your skin the ultimate nourishing and moisturizing treatment.  It is also free of harsh chemicals.

The directions on this is to apply morning and night to cleansed face and follow with moisturizer.

This serum is very light weight, non sticky and applies very nicely.  It smells really nice, a bit like rose, slightly woody.  I have been using this for 4 days and I do believe it’s making a difference to my normally dry skin.


Item # 5 – Nella Fantasia – Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream (Value $38)

photo 6


This is probably my favourite item in the box.  Not only is the packaging adorable, but this stuff works!

This cream is described as being a deeply hydrating, lightweight wonder designed to smooth the complexion while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration.  It is infused with soothing and healing elements.  Honey and snail extracts replenish the skin’s moisture and heal damaged skin to deliver a soft, healthy glow.  Apply after cleansing, day and night.

I was a bit skeptical of using a moisturizer that contained snail extracts, as-in snail slime.  However, this is all the rage in beauty items in Asia.  It is supposed to contain many healing properties.  I have to say, this is one of the best facial moisturizers I have ever used.  It is very light weight and a little goes a long way.  It applies nicely, absorbs quickly, and leaves the skin feeling silky soft.


Item # 6 – Pure Smile – Snail Hand Cream Honey (Value $5)

photo 5


Just like the last item, the packaging on this one is very cute.  However, this is probably my least favourite item in the box.

It is described as having a unique formula rich in intensive moisturizers and special conditioners which help diminish tough calluses and unsightly cuticles.

This is a very light weight hand cream, it absorbs nicely and does seem to leave the hands feeling nice and soft, however I don’t really find anything unique or special about it.  The smell is a bit strong for my liking and the tube is just a bit too big to carry in my purse.  I’m sure I will use it, but I already have my favourite hand creams.  This will just be back-up.


All-in-all I am very pleased with this box.  It has a great assortment of products, and I will get a lot of use out of most of them.  This box was $39.  However, I had 17 Meme points (which is equivalent to $17), that I used on this box, plus I had a coupon for $3 off.  The shipping is $6.99.   So I paid $26.99 for this box and the total value of products was $140.  What a great value!

I have already ordered 4 more boxes, and have another couple of boxes picked out.

If you like subscription boxes then I highly suggest you check this one out.  You will get points just for signing up and there are always point offers and special deals.  Also I should add that the $6.99 shipping is per order, not per box, so stock up and order a few boxes all at once to save even more!

I hope you enjoyed this review, stay tuned for more reviews in the near future.

Impress Nails Review

I recently received samples of the Broadway Nails, Impress Manicure from Influsenster for product testing purposes.  I was excited to receive and test these, I love doing my nails, but am impatient with allowing my polish to dry.  When I saw that these were only supposed to take minutes to apply and last up to a week, I was intrigued.

I received 2 different patterns, as you see below.


They are both fairly pretty.

The instructions on the back are short.  Start by selecting the nails by matching up the size to your nail beds.  Then prep you nails by washing your hands, trimming and filing your nails, and then wiping them with the alcohol wipe to remove any oils.

laye out

Once you are done prepping your nails, you simply peel off the adhesive backing and press the nails onto your own nail beds.

nails on

The entire process took about 10 minutes.

The result is ok.  They are definitely a little thick on the nail, and they don’t fit my fingers really well.  I have wide nail beds and you can definitely see that there is a fake nail sitting on top of my own nail.  They are rather short, so I did have to trim a couple of my nails so they didn’t stick out from under the Impress nails.

However, their claim to them lasting a week is fairly accurate.  I got about 5 days out of my first application, and I am in the kitchen regularity, constantly washing my hands, and never wear gloves for cleaning or washing dishes.

I did get compliments on my manicure as well.



Easy to apply

No dry time

Nice patterns and designs


Short, may have to trim your own nails

Clunky and feel fake

May not fit all nail beds well

Would I buy these?

Maybe, I think they would be great for a nice night out if you wanted fancy nails.  However, I don’t like the idea of wearing fake nails on top of my already nice, healthy nails on a regular basis.  But they are a nice, inexpensive alternative to a “nail art” manicure from the salon.



I received these complimentary from Influenster for teasing purposes.